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Leica Camera instant savings ... only until January 31st! !  Call 800-289-5342 for details

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Since 1971 we have been Leica enthusiasts, spending countless hours shooting with Leica, traveling with Leica, reading about Leica, collecting Leica, and swapping tales with other Leica lovers about our adventures with the finest camera in the world.

We offer the best service, an extensive knowledge base, and, of course, the very best photographic gear on the planet.

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The Leica M 60 Special Edition set - in stock now !

Finished in silky stainless steel and delivered with the incomparable 35 Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH lens - also in stainless steel - the Leica M 60 Special Edition is as timeless as its predecessors, integrating the modern and the vintage together for a new and unheralded Leica shooting experience. A limited production run of only 600 pieces worldwide means that this 60th Anniversary of the M camera edition is sure to find a special place in photographic - and Leica - history.

Call 1-800-BUY-LEICA (1-800-289-5342) to inquire

Leica News

Happy 100th Birthday, Leica!

2014 marks the centennial of the birth of 35mm photography as we know it. And, the invention of the Leica camera.

Thank you Oskar Barnack!

Fogg Specialist Bags - made for the Leica

  • Fogg B-Sharp $749
  • Fogg B-Laïka $719
  • Fogg Soprano $599
  • B-Major $829
  • Fogg Encore $649



Fogg Specialist Bags are made by hand to order in France and are individually numbered. Designed with the Leica system in mind, Fogg offers the very finest camera bag on the planet. "Functional, strong and handsome" has been the guiding motto for more than 25 years.

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Showcasing works from the Leica camera is a natural extension of our passion for the brand. We are proud to exhibit work by Leica photographers from Chicago and around the world. The Rangefinder Gallery is dedicated to un-retouched film and digital photographs from the legendary Leica M camera.