The Leica landscape is ever-changing. Here you can find the latest developments and announcements from both Leica and Tamarkin Camera.

Tamarkin Camera Leather Straps

Made entirely by hand locally using top-quality Horween Leather, our custom camera neck and wrist straps are works of art - $65-$95 in black or brown.

Tamarkin Camera Leica T-Shirts

Created here at Tamarkin Camera from a vintage Leica M2 instructional poster - $25 in medium & large sizes

The Leica M 60 Special Edition

The Leica M 60 Special Edition is as timeless as its predecessors. This limited production run of only 600 pieces integrates the modern and the vintage for an unheralded Leica shooting experience. Finished in silky stainless steel and delivered with the incomparable 35 Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH lens, this 60th Anniversary edition will find a special place in photographic - and Leica - history.



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New Leica Camera Promotional Prices

"Promotional Price After Exchange Rate Savings" Program

Many new Leica Camera products are 12% off until May 10th !