Holiday Gift Ideas
for the Leica Enthusiast

We love Leica. And the holiday season spirit is upon us – so we’re having a sale on our luxurious Leica accessories.

Tamarkin Camera Leica T-Shirts

Created here at Tamarkin Camera from a vintage Leica M2 instructional poster
$25 in medium & large sizes

Made entirely by hand locally using top-quality Horween Leather and stamped “Tamarkin Chicago,” our custom camera neck straps are a work of art - $95 in black or brown.


Fogg Satchels Sale

Quite simply, the finest camera bags available. FOGG is the perfect complement to the Leica. Nigel Fogg and bee berman design - and continually refine - the world’s most opulent and fully functional photographic bags. Carrying a FOGG camera bag is a little like playing a handmade guitar or driving a fine car - or like the click of a Leica shutter - the feel is singular and solid, functional and opulent.


WAS $375
NOW $300

The Flute is the perfect accessory for your M camera and small lens. With room for most f2 Leica M lenses, the Flute is the best light-and-fast camera bag on the market. And it makes a great gift.


WAS $400
NOW $350

The Soprano fits an M camera with almost any lens, plus flash or additional smaller M lens with its “trap-door” divider system. And like all FOGG satchels, the Soprano boasts a removable strap runs under the bag for stability, linen lining that conceals thick foam padding, and leather detailing to reinforce high-stress areas.


WAS $425
NOW $350

The muse is upon us! The Lyre is slightly larger than the Soprano, and offers all the brilliant features of FOGG bags – the removable strap that runs under the bag for stability, the linen lining that conceals thick foam padding and rich leather detailing that reinforces high-stress areas. Plus, there’s a pleated pouch under the main flap and a flat rear pocket.


WAS $575
NOW $475

The B-Laïka is tailor-made for the Leica M rangefinder along with two or three favorite lenses. And there’s room for your accessories, too.

Compact and heavily padded, the B-Laïka comes with three protective dividers. This satchel will hold an M body with 50 Summicron. What about the wonderful wide 28 and the profound portrait 75mm M lenses? They fit, too. The B-Laïka front and rear pockets leave room for documents and a guidebook.


Here is where it all began. From 1925 until 1960, Leica made myriad camera models, lenses and accessories for the world’s first 35mm camera system.


The pinnacle of analog single lens reflex cameras: the Leica R System. Made from 1965-2009, the system is made up of more than a dozen different cameras and some 50 lenses.

Tamarkin Camera Monographs

Tamarkin Camera Monographs and Photography books include renowned artists including Peter Turnley and Craig Semetko and others, as well as a variety of Leica publications.

More Monographs

  • Unposed  by Craig Semetko    $100
    Rare & Out of Print. Semetko’s first book.
  • The Superlative Light  by Robert Shults  $40
    images from inside the Texas Petawatt Laser
  • We All We Got   by Carlos Javier Ortiz   $40 - $100
    images from Chicago & Philadelphia gangs and their families
  • Między Wami Polakami   by Dennis Chamberlin  $60
    “Between Us Poles”  Rare & Out of Print
    Images from Poland in the 1980s
  • Body Language: Stories in Flesh   by Marc Hauser  $50
    portraits of tattoos and the people who wear them
  • The Neighborhoods  by Marc Hauser   $50
    images made here in Chicago

Leica Books

  • 99 Years - $150
  • Leica Myself - $50
  • Leica Compendium - $200
  • Leica Practicum - $50
  • Leica Views of Brand Culture - $40
  • Leica Collector’s Guide - $75
  • Leica M Advanced Photo School / Leica M - $40
  • 50 Years of the Leica M - $200
  • Leica Pocket Guide - $40

Danny T's Bargain Basement

We have many unusual accessories for the Leica camera systems, as well as many used lenses with a meaningless flaw that need to find a loving home. Contact us to learn more about the Basement goodies.


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