FOGG Cases

Quite simply, the finest camera bags available. FOGG is the perfect complement to the Leica. Nigel Fogg and bee berman (written just as you see it) design - and continually refine - the world’s most opulent and fully functional photographic bags. Carrying a Fogg camera bag is a little like playing a Gibson guitar or driving a fine car or the like the click of the Leica shutter - the feel is singular and solid.


Handcrafted from select and time-tested materials, individually numbered and guaranteed five years against defects in materials and workmanship, FOGG bags are designed like a symphony is written, many notes and themes combine to create a larger work of beauty. FOGG products are named with this idea in mind.

  • Fabric - waterproof cotton canvas
  • Lining - natural linen
  • Leather - full-grain, vegetable-tanned, vat-dyed and oil-impregnated
  • Straps - heavy-weave cotton
  • Buckles & fittings - solid brass
  • Modern materials - nylon threads, zippers and Velcro fasteners

Since FOGG bags are handmade and the fabrics and leathers hand-dyed, the colors FOGG offers change frequently and can vary product-to-product.

Please call us at (800) BUY-LEICA or (800) 289-5342 to learn more.