FOGG Cases

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Tamarkin Camera is proud to be the only FOGG dealer East of the Rockies.

Quite simply, the finest camera bags available. FOGG is the perfect complement to the Leica and other classic cameras – like the work of renowned designers and artisans around the world, FOGG bags are sought after by pros and hobbyists alike. Nigel Fogg and bee berman (yes, she always spells her name without capital letters) design and continually refine the world’s best photographic bags, pouches and accessories.

Handcrafted from select and time-tested materials, individually numbered and guaranteed five years against defects in materials and workmanship, FOGG bags are designed like a symphony is written, many notes and themes combine to create a larger work of beauty. FOGG products are named with this idea in mind.

Consider the non-snagging linen lining, the sturdy full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather detailing. Take a look at some of the Fogg features:

  • Fabric waterproof cotton canvas
  • Lining natural linen
  • Leather full-grain, vegetable-tanned, vat-dyed and oil-impregnated
  • Straps heavy-weave cotton
  • Buckles & fittings solid brass
  • Modern materials nylon threads, zippers and Velcro fasteners

Since FOGG bags are handmade and the fabrics and leathers hand-dyed, the colors FOGG offers change frequently and can vary product-to-product.

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